Unexpected Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Have you ever had the sinking feeling of disappointment when your kids excitedly open their Christmas stockings only to watch their faces fall as they open yet another candy cane or Pez dispenser? There are many other fun choices to fill your child’s stocking with on Christmas morning that are sure to light up their faces and make Christmas morning even more fun. No Peek Water Toys for kids, personalized toothbrushes, unique writing utensils and boredom buster toys are just a few of the exciting things that you can fill your child’s stocking with this year.

Think About your Child’s Interests

Stocking stuffers are a great way to fuel your child’s current interests. Think about the activities that he loves the most year-round. Does he love to swim, draw, color, play an instrument or play a sport? These are all a great place to start when considering the small gifts to put in his stocking. Placing items that you know your child will use to fuel their hobbies or interests is a great way to give useful gifts. A few ideas include swimming pool toys for kids that love to swim, special markers or paints for budding artists, and wristbands or headbands for aspiring athletes.

Personalizing adds Meaning

Sometimes personalizing your child’s gifts adds more meaning to it. Pens might seem like a boring gift, but when they are pens with your child’s name on them, suddenly them become a thoughtful, exciting gift that your child treasures, whether they are an aspiring author or if they just like taking their favorite things to school with them. Many parents even give their children personalized toothbrushes in their stocking to make oral hygiene seem fun and exciting rather than a dreaded chore that parents are forced to nag about every day. Even older children seem to enjoy personalized gifts simply because they add that meaningful touch.

Boredom Busters

Let’s face it, every child gets bored at some point. Even just hearing though those three words, “I am bored,” can drive any parent up a wall. Even though we know kids have plenty of tools at their disposal, including their own imagination to prevent boredom, you can help to fuel their imagination by providing little trinkets in their stocking that help to get the ball rolling, so to speak. Think of all of the places that your child gets bored and consider items to make things a little more exciting. Items that travel well are great for long car rides or for waiting in the doctor’s office; think about items like a Cat’s Cradle string, or a book to get them started on a lifetime of reading. Unique journals will encourage writing, and a card game book can teach them new games to play with their friends. Kids also get bored with the same games while playing outdoors. If you have a pool, blindfolds will help to encourage Marco Polo games that are sure to beat the boredom in the water. Other items that can make outdoor play fun include sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and jump ropes!

Kids’ Games

Kids have found for generations that games are the perfect rainy day activity to entertain a group of friends. If your child loves games, unique blindfolds are a great gift to stick in theirs stocking this year. Blindfolds can be used for numerous games, not just Marco Polo. Think about piñatas or the “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game at your child’s birthday parties. They can even be used on ordinary days when a group of friends are over and no one seems to know what to do. You can help them by starting a blindfold drawing game, an obstacle course, or even an egg race, where the child carries an egg on a spoon.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

The key to giving great stocking stuffers is finding those gifts that keep on giving; the type that your kids will use year round. The days of candy canes and Pez dispensers are behind us. Today’s kids want gifts that they can use to fuel their imagination and make life a little more fun. When you give your kids gifts that have multiple uses, it is a great way to give them a way to circumvent the dreaded “I’m bored” stage.

Thinking about your child’s interests and the ways that you can continue to encourage them to grow is a great way to find the perfect stocking stuffers this year. Whether you have a child that is more of an indoor person, or a regular nature lover, there are many gifts that work well for children and give them the ability to explore life and truly grow as a person. Letting kids be kids and have fun playing traditional kids’ party games or exciting pool games is a great way to give them a memorable childhood.


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