No Peek Goggles Make Swimming Pool Games a Blast

No Peek googles are fun and innovative water toys for kids. They’re perfect for swimming pool games for kids like “Marco Polo” where no peeking is allowed. Kids will love to step into character as a pirate, glam girl, sea monster, or other fun personalities with our eye-popping designs.

No Peek blindfold goggles are versatile and can be used both in and out of the water. The sleek, patented design incorporates a comfortable neoprene rubber blindfold with high-performance goggles that seal tightly around the eyes, keeping water and chlorine out. The flexible adjustment strap makes it easy for kids to take them on and off without pulling at their hair like traditional swim goggles often do.

Designed for a Perfect Fit, Every Time

Kids Birthday Planning Made Easy

What makes an awesome birthday pool party?  Start with fun finger foods like pizza, grilled cheese Paninis, carrots, celery sticks, and fruit “kabobs” with yummy dipping sauces. A beverage bar with drinks like raspberry lemonade and Shirley Temples will keep kids coming back for more.

Put on some great tunes, bring out the beach balls, pool floats, and No Peek googles, and let the swimming pool party games begin!

Our blindfold goggles work for a variety of games, both in and out of the water, including:


Marco Polo- The classic swimming pool game of “tag”

Hit the piñata- Blindfolded batters take turns hitting a paper-mache piñata, traditionally strung up over a tree branch, in order to release the goodies inside

Pin the Tail on the Donkey- Blindfolded players must try to pin the missing tail as accurately as possible onto a picture of a donkey

Blindfolded “what is it?”- Blindfolded participants must guess the names of objects based on descriptions given by the group leader

Blindfolded drawing- The leader calls out a person, place or thing that participants must draw while blindfolded


Planning the perfect swimming pool party games can be a cinch with our fun character goggles, which heighten kids’ non-visual senses and make games more challenging and fun.  Parents looking for engaging kids party ideas will love No Peek goggles, and so will kids!


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